The Name Game

 21 weeks started off with nothing to worry about

22 weeks, however, was a different story. E was recently transferred out to Westminster, which means now, both of us are driving 39 miles and 40+/- mins to work. This also means that he can’t get to the doc appts so he turns me loose in Baltimore City, all by my lonesome.

He regrets every minute of it, I promise you that.

This most recent appointment, I was late b/c my new supervisor wanetd to chat. I finally get there, find parking, and get inside. I was texting with E, letting him know what was going on and I even got to record the heartbeat (but alas, blogger doesn’t let me share that on here). I remember telling him “hmm, I hope my car is still there when I get outside” because it’s in a not-so-great part of the city. He LOL’ed me.
Wrong move.
It wasn’t there.
I’ll save you the inappropriateness of what followed that moment of panic but I will say, I didn’t get arrested so we’re ok.
Since finding out that we’re having a little girl, our home has exploded in a sea of Pink. Pink tutus, pink towels, pink, pink, pink. Then I was able to incorporate two of my greatest loves.
My Daughter and My Red Sox.
 She’s all ready for next season (I say next season b/c these are 12 month onesies but we’ll be sure to find her something for post season of this year, believe me!)

We’re currently engaged in a name battle. Let me tell you, this is more painful then a root canal with no novacaine (not that I’ve ever had one but I’ve heard it’s uber painful). E found an app for “5000 baby girl names” and while we’re scrolling through, I’m thinking “who in the hell would name their children that?!” Really? Do we hate our child? It’s amazing to me what names are out there.

Needless to say, 5000 names later, we’re no closer to coming up with a name that we love and want to name her.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock is looking better and better matched with our last name, every day.

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