Happy 24 Weeks

I don’t have a picture yet, that will come later today/tonight.

I’m not entirely positive what the hell that thing is in the Baby Cooper ticker. If it scares you almost as much as it scares me, I think I’ll change it.

From FertilityFriend.com:
Your baby now weighs around 1.5 lbs (700g), and measures about 8.8 inches (22cm) from crown to rump, but this varies from baby to baby.

Your doctor should be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat, using a stethoscope or Doppler ultrasound device. If your partner puts his ear right on your belly in the right position, he might even be able to hear it unaided if there is no background noise.

Your baby sleeps and wakes in a more regular pattern now. You may notice that your baby is particularly active when you are resting.

The center of your baby’s bones are beginning to harden.

If your baby is a boy, the peanuts will start to descend into the scrotum now. If your baby is a girl, the vajayjay will begin to hollow out and mature now.

Your baby can make a fist now and may already have a preference for the right or left hand.

With modern medical technology, your baby would have a chance to survive if it were born now.

(I realize some of this may not be politically (or anatomically correct), however, I simply can’t say vagina without giggling like a 12 yr old school boy. Go ahead and judge me. I’m ok with it)

I’m definitely beginning to feel the added weight that this little lady brings. Totally not a bad thing at all, but it’s getting harder to get more comfortable at night and stay that way. Poor E gets woken up at least twice a night (what am I saying, Poor E my behind! He steals my body pillow!)

We’re extremely relieved to see the last part of this paragraph about the baby having a chance to survive if born now. We aren’t anticipating an early delivery by any means, however, we do go for a Fetal Echo next monday. Due to some family history with heart issues, we want to make sure her ticker is working a-ok.

Saturday is the party and we’re SO super excited (ok, those are my words b/c those of you who know E, know he would NEVER, in a million years so he was so super excited about anything) to see everyone! Party starts at 1, along with food!

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