Pardon Us while we FREAK OUT

Pardon the Tattoos

So umm, yea. We only have 99 days until this little lady is due. We’re praying we make it 99 more days. There’s a good possibility that we really only have 45-50 days left until we become parents. I know that my OB is wanting us to get to 32 weeks. I’m hoping for 36 weeks but really, it all depends on what this fiesty little girl’s plans are.

There were three main things I was worried about when we found out that we were pregnant. I worried that we’d be so entirely unprepared that this baby would be nekkid, hungry, and sleeping on the floor.

Thank You 8lb Baby Jesus, two of the three have been resolved. We have been very blessed that our family and friends love shopping in the baby department, seeking out the perfect little dress or the phrase “MY AUNT LOVES ME” on anything you can find LOL. We also have her bedding in our dining room and the crib and furniture will be delivered tonight, courtesy of E and Dad C’s moving company (themselves).

Now we just have to feed her and since I’m told infants don’t dig cheeseballs, I’m assuming I need to find an alternative. (Seriously, why won’t infants eat cheeseballs? who doesn’t love cheeseballs?)

After the doctor’s on Monday, we were sufficiently scared enough, I went back to visit my PCP for a Duty Status and he did his own panels. While my BP was down to “normal” range for me (which is usually very low), there was still protein present. He concurred with my OB and I’m now working 4 hour work days and home for the rest of the day. I’m not sure I’m loving this arrangement, as I have a TON to get done between now and Aug when I potentially go out on maternity leave, but if it’s safest for the babygal, I’m down.

I also realized yesterday that this baby has some mighty strong opinions of her own. I was getting my inner Carrie Underwood on in the car and my stomach was thumping like she was having her own rock concert in there. Either she loves it or hates it but either way, homegirl needs to get on board because Mama needs her jam out sessions.

Maury comes on at 9, Let’s Make A Deal is at 10, and The Price Is Right is at 11. All of these are watched at work (I really do actually work, we can stream through our computers and it makes the day go by) but I’m not positive of what is on in the afternoon. If you hear me screaming or I call you at work, you know there is nothing on day-time TV and I’m bored. Lord help us all…

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  1. Hang in there. I can imagine that you're bored. Have you found 90210 reruns on soap network? That's usually entertaining for a day or two… I think at 1:00.


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