27 Weeks and I’m finally getting somewhere

From FertilityFriend.com:

Your baby weighs about 2.5 lbs (1.1kg) and is about 10 inches (25cm) from crown to rump and 15.75 inches (35 cm) long from head to toe.

At this time, the baby has tastebuds which allow it to distinguish between sweet, sour and bitter tastes.

Brain tissue and brain development increases at this time as your baby grows the folds and grooves needed for a developed brain.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are probably present and the hair on your baby’s head is growing longer.

Your baby’s body is filling out, getting a bit fatter as fat deposition continues, but it is still somewhat red and wrinkled.

Your baby is big enough for his presentation to be determined. That is, your caregiver can probably tell how your baby is oriented in your uterus. He may be breech (bottom down) or head first. If your baby is in a breech position now, there is no need to worry as there is still plenty of room and time for your baby to change positions.

Your baby can feel pain and respond to it in the same way as a full term baby.

You know, there isn’t one part of this blurb that doesn’t make my skin crawl. I’m growing eyebrows… IN MY STOMACH! What is that all about? And I particularly love the part about our baby getting fatter. It’s almost as though they are trying to tell us “don’t worry, you’re baby is done baking now but like a Thanksgiving Turkey, we want it to get all fat and juicy”.

Please don’t let anyone eat my baby.

So yesterday we had another doc appt. Can I just take this moment to tell you about how much I LOVE our midwives and the practice? Seriously, I love them. They are so informative but not in the crazy, irrational, Lara way of things. That’s a big help, believe me. We went through and discussed a birthing plan and meds and all that and she even humored me when I asked if sneezing too much would result in my baby falling out. (She said no, btw. Apparently it takes a lot more than sneezing to pop this kid out. Good to know)

We went on the discussing the fetal echo. We discussed it at a previous appt but E wasn’t able to be there so we went over it yesterday, as well, since he could make it. Bottom line: Heart Looks Good! There is an area where they are *slightly* concerned that some valves might be growing too close together but as long as there is space between them, we’re ok.

They completely ruled out Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, or commonly known as HLHS (some have even called it Triplasty Heart Syndrome). This is a HUGE relief as this is fatal.

I’m still measuring slightly big so the midwives have been saying they want me to go try to go at least 36 weeks but they’ll settle for 32, but ONLY if they have to. I’m ok with that. It scares me that I could have an Aug baby since she’d be wicked early but hey, we’ll see what she has planned.

The blood pressure — that’s becoming my nemesis. It was a smidge lower (and by smidge, I mean a few points) but she still recommended I stay on 1/2 days. If my PCP (military doc) concurred, I’ll have another two weeks of 5-6 hour 4 hour days. Hopefully my command will be ok with that (they don’t have too much of a choice).

Other than that, there isn’t too much else going on. We did go camping this past weekend so there will be pictures to follow in the post tomorrow

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