It wouldn’t be our child without some drama

But I can’t even blame her.

Yesterday and Sunday were quite scary for both E and I. Sunday morning I started throwing up. Not like “morning sickness” hurling. Like laying-on-the-floor-writhing-in-pain-crying-and-crawling-hurling.

Except I don’t cry when I throw up. I’ve mastered the art of getting in and getting out without waking anyone up.

Thank you 24 yrs of migraines.

But I digress.

So yea, I was throwing up and not just once. I’m talking at least 7 times. I finally napped a little and choked down some more food but sadly, that made a second appearance.

Monday, I woke up and still felt like utter hell but I got dressed and went into work, only to be told “call the doc”. I discussed it with E and he sided with the 6 men that I work with agreed and said “let’s go” so I called the doc and they said “come on in”

5 hours in Labor and Delivery and I was labeled a Medical Mystery. No signs of significant dehydration, no blood, cramping, comtractions, nothing.

In fact, there was nothing AT ALL wrong with Le Bebe. She was happily kicking the monitor and making the monitors fall off my stomach. She had the nurses cracking up (and slightly irked that they had to keep readjusting the monitors LMAO)

But alas, we were released and told to go home, stay out of the heat, and attempt to keep her in the oven for at least another 2 weeks (YIKES!)

We’ll see if she listens…

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