Movin’ On Up…

To the North Side.

Seriously, we moved. To Maine. For Real.

I know what you’re thinking — Who the f*ck moved to Maine? Is Maine in Canada? Are you required to have a dual citizenship?

All questions that we’ve been asking.

We moved to Maine for work. The CG made us do it. (It was either here, Michigan, or NorCal).

Maine is NOT in Canada. No kidding but our small boats have U.S.A. on the sterns.

You are not required to have a citizenship of Canada to live in Maine. We aren’t THAT far north.

So yea. We’re “Mainiacs” now. Life here is very different from Maryland.

The people here are friendly. They will actually stop and talk to you as you walk by. If you trip and fall, they will help you up. Down in Maryland, you may have someone stop but they’re only stopping to see if you dropped anything valuable. So they can take it while you’re trying to get back up.

Driving up here is super different then down there. Down in MD, it’s all:

And they’re serious about it. I, myself, am very guilty of this. If I’m slowing down to let you in front of me, that means I’m in a good mood. Don’t get me wrong, one person is not going to hinder me getting to my destination any faster but it’s the principle.

And then there are the pedestrians. Pedestrians are supposed to have the right-of-way. I hate wanders. I hate tourists. I hate those people that don’t realize that their feet have left sidewalk and now they hinder my abilty to turn my vehicle off one street and on to another, thus creating a traffic jam.

With that said:

Ok, show of hands. Who doesn’t love a good ecard? These things – they have one for everything!

So yea, we moved. I’ve been at my new unit for a month now, E is job hunting, and Beanie is in day care. That gives me heart burn. She is still the happiest baby EVER. Seriously, we get comments all.the.time about what a happy baby she is and how cute she is and how she is the Ger.ber.Baby.

But day care = death.

I’m exaggerating, obviously. But kids are filthy creatures. The only thing kids like to share at this age is germs. I’ve seen one kid LICK another kid. Who does that?! I’ll tell you, dirty kids do that. Beanie lucked out and made it through her first 4 days there. And then comes Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Let me tell you how dirty I felt having to explain to my command that my kid has this “disease”. Fortunately they all have kids and they’ve been through it but ew. She recovers for a week and then she goes back. Only to get conjunctivitis. WTF is in the water there?? So she’s out of another day. She just finished her 3rd week there so I’m wondering what illness will plague our house next.

But through all of this, she has been so happy. And she’s getting cuter by the day.

You’ll notice that we’ve moved blogs too. I was using blog.ger but I wasn’t digging the new interface so we came over to wordpress. I went ahead and bought the domain name since it was easier. We still have the site but it became awkward to post on so we came back to a blog.

Here’s hoping this idea lasts longer 😉

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