August Recap

August brought some crazy days. Between work and visitors, The Coastie81 household was busy.

August brought us some visitors! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aunt J and my cousin came to visit and they braved a train, bus, and car ride to get here. Beanie loved every minute of it!

We took Beanie to lunch (and the guests) to Jameson Tavernย in Freeport, ME and the food was amazing.

E and I haven’t done much touristy stuff so I figured now was the time to take to see some sites and see what our town and the neighboring towns had to offer. Enter The Breakwater Lighthouse.

It was a little over a mile out to the actual light house and it was made of these massive chunks of rock pieced together, which made for a difficult trek but we made it.





Even after walking across all that rock with E pushing (and tossing and jolting) the stroller, Beanie managed to sleep. I’m not sure how she does it.







It was a good time. A long haul and we were all ready for a nap by the time we were done but it was nice to get out and walk.

The Breakwater Lighthouse, as taken from inside the harbor

Aunt J wanted to see whales but the prospect of driving back down to Portland wasn’t so exciting so we settled for lobsters.

Mainiacs take their lobstering VERY seriously

Their visit was all too short ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

After their visit, we took Beanie to the Boston Aquarium. She’s never been to an aquarium before (why waste the money when she has the attention span of an ant? LOL) While we were there, we got to meet up with some great people and spend the day with some friends.

She dug it


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