Weight Loss Journey – or WLJ for short

It’s no secret that I’m a “thicker” girl. I think my thigh weighs 110 lbs. (joking. kind of)

Before I got pregnant, I was losing weight and I had done a great job. I lost 17lbs and I was keeping it off. It was tough, it wasn’t pretty but thanks to E and his support, I was doing it.

Then I got pregnant and decided it was ok to eat like it was my last meal ever. Several times a day. Before I started boycotting Chick.Fil.A, I was eating there almost every day. Sometimes twice. It was literally the only thing I could stomach.

40lbs later….

How I never got a lecture from my OB is beyond me.

Anywho — I’m back on the WL wagon and I’d like to think I’ve been doing well. Due to the complications with Beanie’s delivery, I was one of those “lucky” girls that lost 75% of their pregnancy weight. I came out just as heavy as I went in, minus the actual baby.

I started doing a Paleo-ish diet (high protein, lower carbs) and so far, I’ve managed to keep off 23 of the 40lbs gained, but I still have 24 to go. One good thing about ditching those 23lbs is that I’ve been able to get farther into my Couch-To-5K program. (if you want to get into running, I highly recommend this program! iPhone Peeps – look up the app). Before Beanie, I hated running. Running was stupid. But now, I’m  actually kind of liking it.

And then it happened.

I FINALLY conquered Week 5, Day 1!!

App courtesy of MapMyRun, available in the App store. (MapMyWalk is also a fantastic tool for those lazy strolls through a park)

This wasn’t the best run 2.52 miles and it is, by no means, even close to a 5K but I’m working on distance and once I have distance taken care of, I’ll start working on speed.

I’ve heard good things about this WOD work out? Apparently there is an app for these, as well. Anyone know anything about these? Winter is imminent in Maine and I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of indoor days in our future. In the mean time, I hope to get as much outdoor running time as possible. (although, for some, the treadmill might be a good starting point since it’s less impact)

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  1. Excellent work! Well done!


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