Apple Crisp and Football

Sundays are the days where we watch football and chill and get ready for what is almost always assumed to be crazy weeks. Yesterday was no different. We watched the Ravens play the Dallas Cowboys and like last week, this was an ugly game. I’m not sure what’s going on with these guys but c’mon! My blood pressure can’t take much more!

I couldn’t take watching the last 5 mins of the game so I decided to indulge and bake a little. After looking at what I had, I came up with this: Apple Crisp

I used Honey Crisp Apples. I know that seems nuts, given that they are $8/lb (Exaggerating. I think I paid $2.99/lb) but I like that they’re juicer. Galas would probably work too. I like the sweet and the tart flavors together.

All of this put together becomes this:


It was just sweet enough that you only needed a small serving. I’m sure it would be awesome with vanilla ice cream but we didn’t feel like running out to get some.

This was the aftermath of Skyping with E’s parents. Apparently play time took a lot out of them. Happy Sunday!

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