Beanie’s Birthday

Back in Sept, we went back to MD for her birthday party, which was an absolute blast. I kind of hate throwing parties like that though because I always feel like I’m missing someone or not devoting enough time to someone else. It stresses me out. We got to see the families though and of course several of Beanie’s aunts were there to help her celebrate.

She did dig her smash cake (which was homemade by E and I), this was just in the beginning stages of the destruction

Her birthday cake was a product of Yia Yia Bakery, in Middle River. This is the second cake we’ve gotten from there and it was just as fantastic as the first one!

Being in her Cozy Coupe for the first time.

♥Some of our most absolutely favoritest people on the face of the earth!♥

Aunt L came to celebrate too ♥

Beanie and her two godmamas (aka Aunt J and Aunt B)

And of course Aunt K ♥

Some background on Aunt J, Aunt B, and Aunt K — I’ve been BFFs with these chicks, no lie, since I was in pre-kindgarten and K and my father’s went to school together. That’s how far we go back. J and B’s mama and my mama were good friends back in the day as well. Talk about kickin’ it old school! And I couldn’t ask for any better role models for my daughter (and any future children we might have) to have in their lives. If I could pick who I want Beanie to be like, I would put these three in a blender, mix ’em up, and have her be like them ♥

While we were there, we also got up with our fave photog, Laura Ruane of La Rue Photography and she took some awesome pics (as seen here).

I’m still working on the Thank You cards, don’t worry, I didn’t forget!!

And, as always, I completely and totally recommend Shutterfly for all of your photo needs. I can’t tell you how many awesome projects I’ve had made. (I’m not being paid for that plug LOL but if anyone at Shutterfly reads this — a continuous discount would be nice!)

I always say this but I seriously cannot ask for better friends or family. My ILs were awesome in helping plan and set up for this party, my parents with helping clean up, and everyone in between — it was fantastic and Beanie is lucky to be so loved.

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