Random Facts

I read a lot of different blogs and I find it fascinating to learn about the person behind the screen. In reading Meagan over at The Cheesefries Stand Alone, she takes us all over the place (much like I do) with her puppies, WLJ, and outfits. I actually “know” her from an online source, as a bunch of us were all planning weddings at the same time.

She posed these 11 questions:

1. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

I’d like to say nice. I have a naughty/mean streak but for the most part, I’d say nice. Of course that might change depending on the person you ask 😉

2. When was the last time you did something for the first time?  What was it?

I hate to admit this, but it’s been years since I’ve done something for the first time. Life has become so different in the last 8 yrs. Before 2004, I could be found traveling, white-water rafting, hiking through the mountains, etc but between work, my first marriage, my divorce, my second marriage, and my child, my time has been pretty occupied.

This will become a number on my 2013 Bucket list.

3. What was the last concert you’ve been to?

Jason Aldean, Sept 2010 at the York County Fair. E and I went with my BFF J and the jerk she dragged along. He was fantastic.

4. Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.

At some point before Christmas, my family would sit down and watch Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas and then every Christmas Eve, the family gets dressed up and we go to Christmas Eve service at our home church. I’m not religious and, in fact, this is something I find myself struggling with because I know how I was raised, but there is something about this service that I love.

5. If you could pack your bags for an all-expenses-paid trip right now, where would you go?

European and Mediterrean tour, for sure. I keep telling E, for our 5th or 10th anniversary, I want to go on a Med Cruise. I want to leave from Italy and go to Greece and Turkey, swing back through and hit Spain, Ireland, and England. I really have no desire to go to France, it doesn’t interest me and all encounters I’ve had with French people have left me with a sour taste but if it was all expenses paid, I’d be willing to give it a go.

6. What would be your last meal?

Bread Sticks and Alfredo Dipping Sauce from Olive Garden
Iceburg Wedge Salad from Outback Steak House
Filet with Bleu Cheese Crust from Longhorn
Macaroni and Cheese from White Chocolate Grill
Chocolate Lava Cake from Chilis

(Unless I can just set up shop at Smith and Wollensky’s and eat my way through the restaurant)

7. Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions?

I always do and I never seem to keep them, except this year. I said I was going to lose weight (whomp, whomp) and surprising enough, I have. I’ll make the same resolution, along with create a 2013 Bucket List of things I want to accomplish.

8. What is your favorite book or series?

Book: Jewels by Danielle Steel
Series: Stone Barrington by Stuart Woods. (#25 comes out next month!)

9. What was the best thing that happened to you in the last week?

I finally got an entire day of hanging out with E and Beanie. We’re rarely all home and awake at the same time so it was nice to hang out and catch up on family time.

10. Do you have any tattoos?  What and where?

I do. 9 to be exact.

Upper Back

Upper Back, between my shoulder blades. Words me “Love Reveals Beauty” in Gaelic

Right Lat

Right Lat/Top of my Shoulder. Word means “Sister” in Gaelic. Fun Fact: My sister has the same tattoo in the same place

Right BicepUnderarm

Right Bicep/Underarm. “There You’ll Be” and the initals of my step-paternal grandfather and my uncle, both of whom passed away.

Left Ribcage – Roman Numerals are the birthdate of my maternal grandfather, who passed away

Right Ribcage - Sparrows. One for every 10K nautical miles I've traveled.

Right Ribcage – Sparrows. One for every 10K nautical miles I’ve traveled.

Hisbiscus - a symbol of change and calm

Hisbiscus – a symbol of change and calm

a Honu Turtle, a symbol of my travels to Hawaii. "True to One, Enemy to None" - a play on a quote from Benjamin Franklin

a Honu Turtle, a symbol of my travels to Hawaii. “True to One, Enemy to None” – a play on a quote from Benjamin Franklin

As you can tell, these were all pre-Beanie.

I actually have two more. I have a traditional “tramp stamp” which are 4 Japanese characters on my lower back. They are supposed to read: Courage, Beauty, Love, and True but who knows what they say. Not my greatest decision.

The most recent one I got was post Beanie, it’s a teal Cherry Blossom on the inside of my left wrist with Beanie’s name written in script, above it. Teal for “Girl Part Cancer”.

11. What do you have in the trunk of your car?

A Stroller and a backpack. I’m boring. The middle and front seat, however, are trashed with napkins, toys, and whatever work apparel I happen to be carrying around with me at that moment.

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have to have all of my DVD’s alphabetized on the shelves. Even Beanie’s movies are by alphabet. I had a mini-breakdown that the Fast and Furious series weren’t in order, thus causing absolute chaos in the alphetizing order
  2. My closet is broken down my type of clothing piece, then my color, then by sleeve length.
  3. I currently own 157 pairs of underpants and 47 camis.
  4. I’ve traveled to countries/parts of countries that Americans are normally allowed in (namely Colombia, Haiti, and Cuba)
  5. I crossed the Equator, via CG Ship, on my 20th birthday and had to sing “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog” as part of the iniation.
  6. I’m 5’6″ but wear a size 5.5Y work boot. I can buy my shoes at Kids Foot Locker
  7. I’ve been in the CG for over 12 yrs.
  8. I absolutely detest the words “Moist” and “Panties”. They make me feel as though I’ve just heard nails on a chalkboard
  9. I’ve moved residence 7 times in the last 12 yrs.
  10. I know a little about a lot, thus making me kill it at Jeopardy and making my MIL hate watching it with me. I’m pretty knowledge about stupid trivia too (i.e. CC Sabathia holds the record on most pinstripes on a Yankee Uniform, beating out Babe Ruth)
  11. I have eaten shark, alligator, rattlesnake, blowfish, and many other crazy foods that you would never expect to eat but I can’t bring myself to find meatloaf acceptable.

So now. My fellow blog readers/followers, tell us about yourself.

  1. What is your favorite Christmas song?
  2. If you went to college, what degree did you go/are you going for?
  3. Name a blog that you frequent that I might be missing in my daily blog reading.
  4. Favorite Song/Song Lyric?
  5. Favorite bath or body product?
  6. Stealing Meagan’s question: What would your last meal be?
  7. Favorite piece of apparel that you own?
  8. Most addicting app?
  9. Favorite Board/Video Game?
  10. Top item on your holiday wish list?
  11. Dog or cat person? And post a pic of your pet if you have one!
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