This Sh*t is getting serious

This is for the birds

This is for the birds

So yea. This funk has me down and out, pretty hard. It’s not fun. I’ve got some meds and fluids but Sweet Tap-Dancing Baby Jesus, that sinus swab?! WTF was that all about?? I felt like the PA was digging for my brain. Luckily, I didn’t assault him but whoa…

I’ve been out of work and napping as Beanie allows me. She’s been feeling pretty crappy, as well. We got a consult for the ENT today. It looks like tubes for the Little Lady 😦 I’m scared shitless of my baby going under general anesthesia. I mean, can the poor child catch a break?

And as if I don’t feel old enough already, I got this pic the other day

Feeling OldI wach Friends religiously. I can compare a situation in my real life to a situation that I’ve seen on Friends at least once a day. To know this piece of info — I feel like I’m 45 😦 Oh, AND I’m pretty sure I found a gray hair, or at least that’s what E told me. This is bullshit.

POTD Day #29 – Hairstyle

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

This is a completely normal sight. In fact, E and I will make sure to take our phones with us when she gets up because you never know what’s on the other side of her door 😉

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