Lent is Upon Us

And funny enough, I don’t have much of a clue what that means. I’m not religious. I mean, I’ve been baptized, my husband was baptized, our daughter has been baptized but we aren’t church goers. I’m more of a CEO’er: Christmas, Easter, and Other Occasions.

But I see all of these people saying what they’re giving up for Lent and I figured, if this is a time to give something up and reflect upon why I did, might as well try it. I’ve seen all sorts of “given up” things. Anything from soda to actual food. Seriously, I worked for a guy that said he was giving up food for Lent. He lived solely on oatmeal for 40 days. He lost a ton of weight and was even grumpier than when he started but he managed to make it.

For me, I’m giving up Facebook and Fast Food.

I eat entirely too much fast food. We don’t have a ton of places to eat out at but I’ve had more than enough McDonalds and KFC so my goal is to make it 40 days without fast food. This also presents the challenge of finding things to cook for dinners so here’s hoping I can find that creative streak. Or a good recipe website LOL

As far as Facebook — I get sucked into it like it’s a worm hole. I don’t post much but I find myself getting sucked into drama that doesn’t concern me and then I start judging people and I hate that. I want to support and be supported and I’m just not feeling that lately so I’m taking a step back. I want to use this time to focus more on my family and Beanie and my schoolwork. My Ethics class is going well but there will be four essay’s before the class is done and I feel like I could use the time to throw myself into that. Plus, my Math class will be starting and I suck at Math. 16 LOOOONNNNGGGG weeks of Algebra. Shoot me now.

I will still post pics to FB since that’s how some family members choose to be in contact with us and that’s fine. It’s usually pics of Beanie and I’ve starting posting them through Instagram.

I’m also going to try and read more. I have about 8 books on my Nook, waiting to be read or finished and there is another from my beloved Stuart Woods that has been pre-ordered so I’d like to knock those out, as well.

I didn’t make any resolutions when we rang in 2013 because I suck at keeping them so I figured I’d attempt to start projects and finish them or follow through with the projects that I had already started.  January was the Photo Of The Day, there is the on-going 90-day Challenge for weight loss, Couch To 5K running program, and now Lent.

Here’s hoping…

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