NaBloPoMo – November

Dee posted about a NaBloPoMo and I’m all “wth is this” and she says “it’s a blog thing”. I’m all for it. Apparently I can’t get enough challenged packed into the month of November. I’m already doing this Instagram Photo of the Day challenge and the #30daysofthanks bit on FB (yea, the girl who hates hashtags – i hashtag the shit out of everything. I conformed. I’m hanging my head in shame)

Anywho — Dee posts about this and I start reading. First mistake. Second mistake, thinking I can possibly keep up with this. But I figure, since TA hasn’t been approved and the SWE is next week, I have the time so I’m going to give it a whirl.

After reading about what she told me, I find this webpage from BlogHer about the contest. It seems pretty thought provoking and interesting. Today’s prompt:

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it all by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

Well. This ought to be fun.

For starters: I’d drive the 45 miles to Augusta and buy a coffee from Starbucks. We’ll call that $5

– $999,995.00

Next: pay off all of our debt. I know this sounds cliché but it’s true. It would be nice to be able to get up and not have to balance the checkbook and worry about moving money and making sure ends are being met. I’d love to be able to hand over the cash for our credit cards and vehicles and give the companies the big, ol’ middle finger.

– $899,995.00

I’d buy the cars of my dreams. I mean sure, the Jeep Liberty does the trick but it’s not my dream car. Straight to the dealership and buy a Tahoe, for the winter time, and an Audi S5 for the summer trips. The Tahoe would fit all the kids I’d be planning to have, since my debt was paid and I could afford them. The Audi is for when mama needs to get away. Fast.


I guess I’d buy E a car or two, as well. I know he has his heart set on another Subaru STI. He had one when we first found out I was pregnant and it wasn’t a bad little car, but it wasn’t the most suitable for a child. Although the exhaust did a fantastic job of putting her to sleep.


I’d pay for the rest of my school. I want to be able to have my degree by the time I retire and, considering I’m going one class at a time, due to TA, it’s going to be a tight fit to finish in 7 years.


Finally, I’d buy a Bed and Breakfast in Key West. I adore that island. It’s my favorite place to go and unwind and relax. At least, with a Bed and Breakfast, I could make some money back.


Seems, to me, simple enough to spend $1,000,000. This is just my dream way to spend it, if I had to get rid of it in a day. In my reality, I’d pay the debt and the rest would be sitting in the bank so we could live off the interest when I retired. That’s just the SK in me, always thinking of saving a buck.

If YOU had to spend a million dollars in one day, how would you do it?

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  1. Love the B&B idea! I told Danny a while ago that it would be super neat to have one of those for a business. It wouldn’t matter how many tattoos we had! Ha-ha!


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