NaBloPoMo – Nov 5th

Day 5: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog post?

This is actually my second blog and the space I’ve used to physically write in has changed over the years.

When I first started blogging, back in 2008 or 2009, I can’t remember, I started with blogspot. My friends told me I was funny and I am a magnet for ridiculous people so they said I should start a blog to recant all of my stories. Ok fine. I started with blogspot because I liked the format and it was easy. That blog evolved into something I chose to forget and, eventually, I deleted it.

I started the first blog when I was married to my ex-husband. It became a dark place of my emotions as I went through the divorce. Eventually, I was more angry with myself because it was as though I was holding on to these thoughts about the “what ifs” and I was blaming myself more and more. I found myself asking more questions about “is this the right decision” and I began to drive myself crazy. Then came the anger and the fighting between he and I. The divorce started amicable but it went downhill when he started dating someone new. I don’t hate my ex husband. I wish him nothing but the best that life has to offer. I heard he has a child now, congrats to him. The previous blog was a testament to my hatred and anger. I no longer feel those feelings anymore.

Once I met E, I knew I needed to completely cut ties to that life. When E and I moved in, I wanted a sort of journal about our new life together. I bought the domain because it was a good deal. I switched from blogspot to wordpress because the format had changed on blogspot and I wasn’t a fan. I suck at blogging, to be honest. I either get writer’s block or I start rambling. Don’t worry, I don’t fancy myself an “author” or anything like that. My grammar here is terrible, I know 😉

As far as my physical writing space, it’s in the 3rd bedroom of our house, commonly known as the “I Love Me” room. I have my Certificates from work (Shellback, Order of the Ditch, and Order of the Spanish Main), my departure plaques from the units I’ve done my time at and have moved on, and my 9/11 certificate and badge. It also has my sailboats, which my Poppy gave to me prior to moving. It’s a nice little reminder that he’s with me. Soon to be added, my Half Marathon medal, whenever I stop being lazy and bring it in here.

Some days, the posts come easy. My fingers just fly and POOF! 500 words are on the screen. Other days (weeks/months), I sit and think “who the hell would read this garbage”. But this is me. I figure, might as well put it on paper than for it to come to of my mouth and potentially get me fired 😉

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  1. Oh yes that was deep. But that’s OKAY! I remember seeing you and you could tell there was an unhappiness about you. But you carried on and joked with the rest of us because it seemed the only thing to do. Now look at you. You’ve grown from the past, as we all should. You have a beautiful life and a beautiful little family.

    By the way, you NEED to tell me how to get over to WordPress. I’m scared out of my MIND with the thought of transferring everything over.


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