NaBloPoMo – Nov 13th

Day 13: What is your favorite hour of the day?

Hmm. I wake up at the butt crack of dawn. I’m talking, if I sleep past 5 am, it’s considered a waste of my day. I once slept until 7 and I was so dang disoriented, I felt like I had wasted my day, sleeping. E laughs at me because he thinks I have to “conquer the world” as soon as I wake up. I need to get my day in order. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, wrangling the child, etc. Whatever is on the list for that day. Saturdays and Sundays are my day for conquering.

But my favorite hour?

I’m going to say, for weekdays, 3pm. I get off work, I can go home and just sit for a min. I can decompress and just really chill, for the first time all day. I can change out of this monkey suit, put on sweat pants, and maybe even read a chapter of my book. I say that because, once Beanie gets home, I can only read if I retreat to the bathroom. And even then I fall victim to the constant “MAMAMAMAMAMA” coming from outside the door. If I’m really lucky, I get little fingers under the door.

For weekends, I’m going to say 6am. I know that’s a crazy hour for most but it’s the time the sun is coming up, I can enjoy a cup of coffee, the dog isn’t spazzing out yet, I don’t have to run around, rampant, packing the small human’s lunch and making sure she has all her junk in one bag, and I can just sit. I give myself an hour in the AM to sit and chill and then Beanie usually gets up, demanding food and a clean rear end. E gets up shortly after that, demanding the same (I only oblige one of those items for him, though). And then I begin my world conquering.

I’ve been on this same schedule for the last 13 yrs. I couldn’t sleep past 5 in Basic Training, had to be up by 7a for work, and my body is just trained for early mornings. I don’t mind. Sometimes I can score a nap when Beanie is napping or I can catch a chill day at work where people aren’t going nuts over the dumbest little things. It’s all a daily rotation.

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  1. Oh how I love reading your posts. They seriously make me giggle. I’m also an early riser. Sleeping in is hard for me to do. 7 is good. I still try to claim my hour in the early morning on the weekends. Me precious, it’s MINE!


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