Happy Merry Everything!

2011 has been quite a year!

We went to the church with our closest family and friends
We had a Baby…


…and I fell even deeper in love
So from our family to yours out there — Happy Merry Everything!

(Pardon Beanie’s blank stare. She wasn’t so much enjoying the flash photography)

**The photos printed on the Birth Announcement are courtesy of Laura Ruane at La Rue Photography, located in Dallastown, PA. She is a freelance photographer that I went to high school with. Those 5 shots are just a few of the MANY fantastic shots she captured (for what Beanie was allowing her to do) and her patience are that of a Saint! If you are in the area and looking for a photographer, I’d definitely look her up!**

Someone should have warned me

Having a kid isn’t hard, being a grown up is.

I went back to work after having 64 days off. And by “OFF”, I mean 64 days where they only called and nagged me 14 times instead of the usual 36. And let me tell you, 64 days is not nearly enough time to lose the undisclosed amount of weight I’ve gained. Or even lose enough to fit back into my work pants. But at the risk of possibly stabbing someone that I work with, I’m rocking my regular pants with a belly band I opted not to wear my maternity pants. I’m sad that yoga pants were ruled completely unacceptable.

Bastards never birthed a child, obviously. This is why only men are ever in charge.

So yea. I’m back at work and Beanie is rocking out with Mommom and Poppy.

I think I’m missing a mom gene. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her. But I was irrationally excited to get back to this shithole and clean up whatever it is that’s messed up (everything!) I think Beanie and I have an understanding and its best described by the old adage “how can I miss you if you won’t go away”.

I don’t miss the screaming, I don’t miss the vomiting of nasty ass formula, I don’t miss having to change my shirt 4 times in 3 hours, I don’t miss the peeing on the wall.

I don’t. At All.

But at the end of the day, I’m so super excited to get home and see this little lady.

I mean c’mon, you can’t tell me this isn’t one of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen!

Holy Sh*t, we’re having a GIRL!

We found out about a week ago that we’re having a girl.

This past week has been a whirlwind. An absolute whirl to the wind, I tell you!

I don’t know that we really had a chance to digest this information b/c we immediately launched into the phone calls, in which a lot of shrieking and noises that can only be described as “shrill” ensued. (Sorry to call you out, Mom S and Mom C, but seriously, there was shrieking LOL)

In the first 3 days following the big GIRL announcement, we initially had this “ohmygoshohmygoshholyshitholyshitareyouabsolutelypositivelyserious” moment but on Friday, I went to Dresden, OH with my ma, and some extremely close girlfriends, to the Longa.berger.Factory. (Don’t judge us, we totally party!) On this trip, I found some awesome things to buy for our daughter (OMG!!) Baskets for her room, ideas for her walls, etc. Everything was pink. I’m serious. Everything I looked at was Pink. Bright Pink. Pale Pink. Pink. Any shade of Pink.

During that time of “ohmygoshohmygoshholyshitholyshitareyouabsolutelypositivelyserious”, I started thinking: Can we do this?

I have no filter, I offend people quite often, I’m incredibly inappropriate, my husband often looks at me like “WTF is wrong with you??” He must love crazy, he married it. And now he procreated with it. I know kids say the darnest things but seriously, if this little chicky gets “crazy” from her mama, the world is screwed.

Aside from totally screwing her up (which is inevitable, I’m just glad she will have people in her life like her Aunts and her Godmothers to help undo the damage that we might do), I find myself thinking “how can we make her like as easy as possible?”

I don’t know that we’ll be able to make her life easy but I do know I can make her as best dressed as possible while she maneuvers through her life.

And oh yes, this includes a Tutu 🙂

We registered this past weekend and let me tell you, her daddy is all ready for her to rock the “High Maintenance” pacifiers and the “My Daddy Loves Me” bibs. (and to tell you the truth, I’m ready to see him with this little pink Princess LOL)

20 Weeks in Review

This is sort of a bitter sweet post for us.

When we first got together, E asked if I wanted children. It was then that I had to break the news to him that the odds of us having a child naturally were slim to none. In 2005, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and after many surgeries and much medication, I was told I had a 10-15% chance of conceiving naturally and a 2-5% chance of carrying to term. 

Not fantastic odds.

But one thing I can say about E and I: We are always looking to beat the odds.

On Jan 19, I woke up with a strange feeling. Strange enough to find this:

I immediately ran out to tell E and he was none to happy to be woken up at 0507 very excited to see this but we were obviously extremely scared, nervous, overwhelmed, and every other feeling you could imagine.


So nervous, in fact, that I decided to keep trying to figure out if this was real. Sure enough, it was. And E finally told me to stop peeing on sticks.
I went to the doctor on Jan 21 and sure enough, I was 5w1d along. E promptly told his brother that there must have been something in the water were they worked because we made the 5th or 6th baby out of that garage. I didn’t have to tell my mom, she guessed. I made a comment about being exhausted and she says “well, you’re going to need a lot sleep since you’re pregnant”.
*Cue The Jaw Hitting The Floor*
We had told a few people but kept it private to see if everything would be ok. We didn’t have great odds of making it to the 12th week, which for most marks the end of the “danger zone”
We successfully made it to 9 weeks and let the “blah” feeling begin. Fortunately I never actually got sick, but I could tell there were certain smells, foods, and tastes that I wasn’t a big fan of. Neither was the baby.


10 weeks brought more of the same but imagine my surprise when I saw a touch of a bump. Where did this come from?!


12 Weeks brought a growing bump but we finally came out on Facebook and of course, by some peoples standards, that made it official (because, you know, the world is fake unless confirmed on Facebook LOL)

We missed the 13 week belly pictures but we got some pictures that are a million times better!




With the 13th week, we had an NT Scan. Fortunately, we received fantastic results. The tech was only going to guess GIRL for the gender but as you can see in the top photo, the cord was preventing us from getting any type of accurate guess. So we wait until the anatomy scan.

14 Weeks and the bump is still growing
Up until the 15th week, I was able to wear my regular uniforms. It was then that they got extremely tight (they were getting tighter as the weeks went by but there is something that just isn’t attractive about buttons stretching and potentially popping…).

16 weeks and the belly is getting bigger but fortunately I found maternity pants quite quickly. I’m in love… E is jealous


17 weeks and again, same ole thing — belly is still growing

18 Weeks along and that brought another appt. We were able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler! (due to positioning of internal body parts, we weren’t able to hear it, only see it)

19 Weeks. The pain is starting to set in. People joke with me that I still “have a ways to go”. This is true, however, most pregnant women don’t go through 39 of their 40 weeks, wearing combat boots. Fortunately no major swelling yet.

 20 Weeks Pregnant and with this Belly Shot, we also got this news:

 We had planned on going out for dinner after the appointment and so we had the Ultrasound Tech put the results in an envelope. Many people these days are doing a cake. They ask a baker to make them a Pink or Blue Cake. I’m too impatient for that so we settled for a Pink or Blue Drink. We told the waitress what was going on and she became positively giddy. She brought over a drink that contains cotton candy (the Pink Punk Cosmo, from TGI Fridays, if you’re interested) and there were two glasses, one with blue cotton candy and one with pink. After that, she comes out with about 15 other waitresses and she proceeds to pour into the pink glass.

I think E and I already knew, in our hearts, that we were being blessed with a little girl but seeing it for real, well, I’m not afraid to admit it, I cried. Not because I’m sad but because I’m pregnant and I cry at car commercials.

After dinner, the waitress brought us out this to celebrate (something for both of us to enjoy because I only got to indulge in a chocolate milkshake virgin mudslide)

We got pictures of her little bitty baby feet
A great picture of her profile
And lastly, total proof that she is, in fact, our daughter. A picture of her, with her hand up to her face as if to say “This is SO dramatic, I’m trying to sleep here!”
Weight: To date, well, we won’t talk about that.  I’m trying to keep it under 25lbs so we’ll see how it works out.
Cravings: we’re pretty sure this child will come out as a waffle fry from Chick-Fil-A or a cocoa pebble. Nothing really sounds good to me. Poor E is ready for this baby to be here so we can go back to eating normal foods LOL

Jumping into the Swing of Things

**So you may be finding this blog from me telling you or my other one, which I’m trying to get away from, due to it’s association with alot of negativity.**

Either way — WELCOME!

As you can see, I started this blog back when E and I moved in together. It’s been a crazy year but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We moved from our respective parents to an apartment and so far thats… well, the apartment is getting smaller and smaller by the day. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff until E was lost under boxes.

We just celebrated our Year Anniversary on 2.23.11 with going to Morton’s Steakhouse in Baltimore. They roll out a tray of raw meat with cuts that are the size of your head. If you are in the mood (and have a couple hundred to spend, as it is NOT cheap), I highly recommend it.

Between work, moving, more work, and just life in general, things are going great for us. We’re constantly busy and we’re loving our life together!

We’re loving it so much that E proposed!!

That’s right, we’re getting married!
He did very well with picking out this beauty!
(Ascher diamond with 2 baguettes on each side)
E decided on a white gold band with channel set diamonds
for his “fancy” band


Wedding is set for March 25, 2011. We realize it’s uber soon however, we didn’t want anything big and we just want to be married. Family is invited to the church, we’ll let everyone know the details. The reception will be held for family and friends on Saturday, June 4th, 2011.
That’s not the only news we have.


We’re also expecting Baby Cooper, or “EMC2” as we call them, on 9.22.11!! We’re over the moon with excitement and can’t wait to meet this baby!
(For the record: we are NOT getting married b/c of the baby. We decided on Jan 17 (monday) that we wanted to go to the courthouse. Neither of us wanted a big wedding. Wednesday, I wake up and find these results. Friday, it was confirmed by my PCP that we are, in fact, expecting.)
Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of excitement and it continues to grow 🙂

Our first "official" pic

I remember meeting The Parents. It was coincidentally our second date b/c we both lived at home with our parents, we had no choice.

(I was able to hold E off a little longer from meeting my parents b/c I always offered to drive out to his house LOL)

I was still in uniform b/c I had a VERY long day at work so here I am, trudging in with my uniform, my combat boots, no makeup, godawful hair, and a bright pink gym bag with clothes to change into. If he didn’t run away screaming, I knew we were meant to be.

I walk in the front door and his mother runs to hug me, as though we were old friends. It was surprising but a fantastic welcoming. His dad saluted me. I giggled. It was, by far, the most non-awkward, easy-going “nice to meet you” I’ve ever experienced.

Then came the photo ops.

After sitting down, talking with his parents for a while, we finally managed to get a picture of the two of us where we weren’t trying to kill each other and he wasn’t making funny faces.

Believe me, it was tough.

Right before I left for Hawaii, for work, I made E be my +1 for a Bull Roast Benefit. It was the first time he was meeting the extended family and by extended, I mean, my bio-father and some of my sister’s in-laws. I think he was slightly overwhelmed by the welcoming, which included (but are is not limited too) having his head grabbed, being danced with by my sister’s mother in law, and being made to wear some tacky mardi-gras-esque mask that was left over from an ill-fated bachelorette party.

He took it like a champ.

One Boy, One Girl

He finally gave in to his friend’s girlfriend when she said “there’s someone you should meet”
At a crowded restaurant way cross town, he waited impatiently
When she walked in, their eyes met,
And they both stared
Right there and then,
Everyone else disappeared, but
One boy, one girl,
Two hearts beating wildly,
To put it mildly, it was love at first sight.
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they’d been waiting for all their lives.
For a moment the whole world
Revolved around one boy, and one girl….

E and I met on a blind date.

Well, I should start from the beginning.

I went through what I like to call “a terrible rough patch” but in all actuality, I was in the middle of a divorce that kept going from amicable to nasty (and back) as the minutes went by on a clock.

I called my Sibling and said, I need new friends. The Sibling says “OH! I have someone you should meet! I work with his mom and she said he needs a new friend to”. VOILA!

I wish.

I stalked him. Plain and simple.

I got his number from my sister (to my defense, his mother gave it to my sister so I don’t know how you’d classify that) and I texted him that very day. I figured, what the hey, might as well give it a whirl. Worst he could do was not answer, right? So I text him and explained who I was and that his mother gave me his number.

We started “talking”, and by talking I mean we were texting at any free chance we got, and by texting any free chance we got I mean, I texted him and he responded with one to three word responses. Apparently my Sibling failed to tell me that he doesn’t speak. At All.

He asked me out for a Tuesday night. Dinner and a movie. Chili’s and “Valentine’s Day“.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows I get lost in my own driveway, while trying to get out of paperbag. Poor boy was stuck waiting for me for over an hour. I get out of the car and he looked like he was going to either vomit or run away. He insists he wasn’t going to and he was excited. I’ve seen excitement and it don’t look like that….

I should preface this by saying, I threatened to make a scene on our first date if he didn’t talk to me. Luckily for him (and coincidentally for me too) he didn’t call my bluff 🙂

I must have done something right b/c he asked me out again…. ♥


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