The Weight Saga – Weeks 7 & 8

Total this week: +5lbs

Total Overall: 9lbs

Yea. Not a fantastic two weeks. I got call on Friday night, the 16th, that my Poppy had passed away and that E and I needed to go back to MD for the funeral. That meant eating on the road, driving at least 9 hours one way, and having an extremely messed up sleep and work out routine. Between visiting family and driving, there was no time for working out (unless I wanted to lose an hour of sleep and frankly, with all the emotions, there was no chance of that being feasible).

Then there was Thanksgiving. I didn’t limit myself but I did listen to my body. E parentals and my parentals came to our place and we did the tourist thing which was nice but again, that left little time to work out. That part was my own fault but I haven’t seen them since Sept so I really just wanted to catch up and visit and relax.

My need to relax = a gain of 5lbs. I’m hoping some of this weight is just bloat from other issues and I’m chugging water like it’s my job so I WILL see a loss this week. It’s just a matter of how much will I see.

While my ma was in town, we decided to continue my sunday baking and we made Pumpkin Roll

 One thing I learned — when they say have the cream cheese at room temperature — have the cream cheese at room temperature. I have cream cheese clumps now.

I think it was a bit heavy on cloves but overall, it wasn’t bad for my first attempt.

30 Days of Giving Thanks – Days 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25

I have some catching up to do, clearly.

19) A Favorite Piece of Clothing:

My sweatpants and Lands’ End Moccasin slippers. I would live in these two pieces if it was socially acceptable







20) A Keepsake:

I have several but I think my favorite came to me very recent. My grandfather, who recently passed away, gave me these hand-made sailboats. I haven’t displayed them yet so I don’t have a picture but they remind me of the water and him and how simple things can be, yet so very intricate at the same time.

21) A Disappointment or Fear:

I’m not completely clear on why this is a list of things to be thankful for. But I f*cking HATE spiders. Bugs of all sorts, really, but spiders, OMG, I can’t deal.

This bigass thing is as big as you think it is. I was going out to check the mail and I see this thing. I yelled to E and I ran the hell inside. He goes out to look at it and the next thing I know I hear “I’m going to need some hairspray, two plastic cups, and a lighter”.

I’m not sure who was more scared.




22) A Book:

My all time favorite book is Jewels by Danielle Steel. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a love story that can actually be real, dealing with death and divorce or what but I just fall in love with this book every time I read it. I wore out my paper copy so now I have it on my Nook.

23) A Feeling:

Love. Plain and simple. No matter if it’s my parents, my grandparents, my friends, my husband, anyone. To feel loved is by far the greatest gift ever. Beanie has recently started giving hugs and there is just something about this little person throwing themselves into your arms and giving you a hug, especially when you need it the most.

24) A Photograph:



It’s no secret that I have MANY favorite pictures but with these two, I fall in love over and over when I look at these pictures.


25) A Luxury:

Pandora Radio. Without Pandora, I wouldn’t have something to listen to all day and without something to listen to, I wouldn’t have 90’s Pop Radio and without 90’s Pop Radio, I wouldn’t have these beauties.

Don’t tell me you don’t have at at least one of these songs stuck in your head now.

You’re welcome 🙂

30 Days of Giving Thanks – Days 10, 11, and 12

So clearly I suck at this whole “blogging every single day” bit but I’m trying!

10) A Time Of Day: After Beanie’s bath but right before she goes to bed, we sit in her glider and we read a story from her Bedtime Story Book and she settles down and watches the pages turn. I can’t believe she is getting so big so fast but she is an amazing little human ♥

11) A Tradition: one tradition that started in my family and I’ve continued it with Beanie is every Christmas season we watch the Christmas movies on TV and then we watch Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. The singing and dancing are my favorite and it just gives a great message. We watched it last Christmas with Beanie (well, we watched it and she slept) but it’ll be something we’ll do again this year.

12) A Gadget: Apple TV, by far, my most favorite. I love being able to catch up on shows that are off the air or that I’ve downloaded from iTunes. I’ve had many Netflix days with this gadget 🙂

Sunday brought the usual football and baking. A 1pm game where we promptly pummeled the Oakland Raiders (am I the only one that was surprised they still have a team? I honestly thought they didn’t have a team anymore). Sneaky Sam Koch and his TD 🙂 Awesome Play.

In the baking division, up to the plate was: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

This is a “Case In Point” when you don’t omit ingredients. I left out the chocolate chips because I didn’t have any and sure enough, they are missing the sweetness :/ E is still eating them but they could have been better with the chocolate.

I might actually try these again when I get chocolate chips.

And I learned a VERY important lesson this past weekend.

Do Not Leave Beanie Unattended

30 Days of Thanks – Day 7

7) a Scent

I’m a HUGE fan of Scentsy, which is one of those at-home-sales businesses. It’s a pretty darn good idea. They keep their prices reasonable, their warmers are cute, and they have a variety of smells.

My favorite though:

I love anything food smelling. And the best part is, I can totally Fake It Till I Make It with these scents 🙂


Second thing I’m thankful for — NO MORE CAMPAIGNING! I swear to Baby Jesus, these people are out of control and I think I’ve unfriended at least 6 people for ignorant comments. Obama was not re-elected due to his race, Romney wasn’t not elected because he hates vaginas. People obviously thought that Obama should have the job again and that’s all there is to it.

To the member of the organization that is against Question 1 for Maine, maybe you ought to start thinking of what is more important because that yellow ribbon that is on the tree behind your NO TO QUESTION 1 sign obviously means something.

30 Days of Thanks – 1 through 5

Everyone on FB is doing this whole “30 Days of Giving Thanks” and I figured what the hey – let me get in on some of that. A friend of mine posted this pic:

1) Person:  I can’t choose just one so I’m going to pick some favorites.

a) E.

My husband, my soul-mate, my best friend. I swear, some days I wonder how we’re both still alive and married but I know he’s who I’m meant to be with. He drives me crazy and makes me want to drink but I love him more than words can say.

(This was our very first picture as a “couple”, taken back in Mar of 2010)



b) Beanie.

The Child is certifiable and I’m almost positive she is trying to kill me (or give me gray hair) but to watch her grow and giggle every day, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.






c) J and B.

These two are my absolute best friends and I think, without them, I’d be in the looney bin!

They are the godmothers to my daughter, my go-to-people when I have problems or just need to laugh. These two “get me” and they understand me, even when I don’t say anything at all.



d) K.

I’ve known this girl the longest (aside from J and B) and she saved me from myself when Beanie was a baby. Not only that but she has been there for me through every major life event that I’ve ever had. From my divorce to my daughter being born, she’s been there and to anyone that knows her, they know how dedicated she is.




2) An Animal: This is an easy one: Lenny.

3) A Cozy Place in Your Home: There won’t be a pic for this one but I’d have to say my bed. A king sized pillow top area of goodness. It’s awesome to have snuggle time with E, Beanie, and Lenny on sunday mornings and just chill.

4) A Snack: Dear Barbara. I love ALL food. At this very minute, I’m going to say Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are my favorite.

5) A Place: Any place that is even remotely close to the beach. The water is so peaceful and it’s so easy to lose yourself in all of its beauty.


Happy Halloween!

Cinderella had a blast!

Working on the Distance – Week 3

Total lost this week: -1.5

Total Lost in 3 Weeks: 10.1lbs

Things are looking promising. I’m hoping I can keep this forward momentum up.










I took a different route and ran through more neighborhoods vs running around the shoreline and it seemed almost a little easier. I’m not sure why or how but we ended up doing better. I will admit though — with the 10/23 run, we actually ran 1.25m of the total but today, we only managed to eek out 1.14m of the total. We started on a gradual hill, which we knew would been our doom. Not to mention we didn’t have breakfast, we only had coffee, and we didn’t drink enough water. Either way, 338 cals were burned and I’ll be happy with that.

Winter is definitely on it’s way to Maine. The weather is getting a lot more crisp and a lot quicker than we’ve expected. It seems like Labor Day hit and the weather broke. We’ve had maybe one day that we’ve been comfortable in shorts but it’s definitely jeans and long-sleeved tshirts time.



As you can see, not a bad place to run, huh? 🙂  (yes, these pictures were taken as we were driving down the road LOL)

And check out Beanie and her new thing! Still not walking but she’s THISCLOSE!


Apple Crisp and Football

Sundays are the days where we watch football and chill and get ready for what is almost always assumed to be crazy weeks. Yesterday was no different. We watched the Ravens play the Dallas Cowboys and like last week, this was an ugly game. I’m not sure what’s going on with these guys but c’mon! My blood pressure can’t take much more!

I couldn’t take watching the last 5 mins of the game so I decided to indulge and bake a little. After looking at what I had, I came up with this: Apple Crisp

I used Honey Crisp Apples. I know that seems nuts, given that they are $8/lb (Exaggerating. I think I paid $2.99/lb) but I like that they’re juicer. Galas would probably work too. I like the sweet and the tart flavors together.

All of this put together becomes this:


It was just sweet enough that you only needed a small serving. I’m sure it would be awesome with vanilla ice cream but we didn’t feel like running out to get some.

This was the aftermath of Skyping with E’s parents. Apparently play time took a lot out of them. Happy Sunday!


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