Hello March

The SIL is doing one of those POTD things on Instagram again and this one looked interesting so, once again, I’m copying catting her and doing it too.

Bring On March!

Bring On March!

Day 1: UpMy heart rate after a morning work out

Day 1: Up
My heart rate after a morning work out

We did a Deck of Death work out this morning, as a unit, and I tell you what — that’ll get your HR up and fast! Scale hasn’t budged but I’m on C25K W5D3 and still going strong. Here’s hoping for a breakthrough!

Next week is one of our nephew’s birthday’s so we decided to go to MD. In an effort to save money, we found a dog sitter and we’re flying. Problem is — this is our first plane ride as a family. I’m a trained professional. I used to live on planes when I was at my last unit. I’d hop all over the country and to Hawaii without a problem. Beanie — Never flown before. What the hell have I committed myself to?

None the less —

Flight has been booked!

Flight has been booked!

I can drink, right?

Day 30 of 30

I can’t believe January is over. How fast did this month fly by??

I’m finally back and work after 3 of the longest days of my life. Feeling like I was run over by a mack truck.

I got to spend some time with this sweet, little lady

I got to spend some time with this sweet, little lady

But we’ve learned something else about her. Something that might not work in our favor, down the road.

She started off wearing those pants when we put her to bed. And she wasn't nearly as pissed off.

She started off wearing those pants when we put her to bed. And she wasn’t nearly as pissed off.

So we’re raising a potential nudist. With a horrific attitude, apparently. I thought I had some time before that attitude came out. But that face. DAYUM!

POTD Day #30 – Me, Again.

Feeling better than I was, that's for darn sure

Feeling better than I was, that’s for darn sure

Thanks for playing along and reading!!


POTD Day # 30 – Quotes

I’m breaking the rules because I don’t have any pictures of these. And I’m warning you now, shit’s about to get deep in here.

I’m a huge fan of quotes. Inspirational ones, for the most most part.

America Ferrera said, at the end of the series “Ugly Betty”:

I’ve had to say goodbye more times than I have liked, but everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we have to do it — even if it’s for the greater good, it still stings. And though we’ll never forget what we’ve given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward. What we can’t do is live our lives always afraid of the next goodbye. Because chances are, they’re not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a goodbye can be a good thing. When it’s a chance to start again”

This is one resonates with me. I was going through a particularly hard time with my divorce and I was lashing out at anyone and everyone. I wrote off someone who was a good friend to me. I thought it was the toxicity between us that drove me to cut her out but it was more about emotions. We recently reconnected and I think we’re both just getting to know one another again. I asked if our email conversation was going to be like an awkward first date. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I’ve already written off friends who I thought were friends but turned out, they were junk. I’ve also held on to friends that I’ve known all my life and I realize they are my true soul mates. (I’m looking at you, JNG and RLW!)

I’ve found out who my true, real friends are with my divorce. There were people who I considered friends but they turned out to be, very much, Team EXHusband. I don’t wish them ill-will. I don’t wish them harm. I wish them luck and maybe our paths will cross again some day. I think the same of my ex-husband. I don’t wish ill-will. I wish him nothing but the best. We didn’t work and not for lack of trying but we’re far better off now. At least I am.

Another quote that struck me was from “The New Normal”. If you haven’t seen that show (and aren’t all gross and homophobic), I highly recommend you catch an episode

Expectations are a funny thing. You waste so much time guessing what your life could look like but the thing is, you can’t really know until the day you open your eyes and see that, if you let go and lean into the unexpected, it may be something more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.

No, it’s not what you expected, it’s something even better

This quote came years late. I’m the person that wasted so much time worried about that my life could be instead of just living it. It took me having a daughter to realize what life really means. The simple things become the most fun. Playing with a plastic palace and matching Little People is far more fun than those of you out there, at bars, partying it up. To me, anyway. I’d rather teach my kid something new or watch her figure something out on her own. I can’t predict what tomorrow will bring for me or for E or for Beanie. I just hope that it means we’ll all still be together and happy.

2013 has started off as a tough year with this flu and some work issues (read: bullshit) but I’m determined to make it one of the best. Letting go of the negativity that surrounds people in every day life as been key for me. Sure, I still harbor some anger for some people in this world and I know it won’t go away but I refuse to let that consume me. To me, those people simply do not exist. If they want to exist in my world, an apology is where they need to start. Once that’s achieved, we’ll talk. E is the passive one of us. He’s the one that says “hell with it, I’m all good. Let’s be friends”. I’m the bitch. I’m the one that holds grudges. I fully admit and understand that. But I’m working on it 🙂

I leave you with this one song verse, sung by Jason Aldean

I use what I got
Take what I get
Until I ain’t got nothin’ left
Then I give it some more
Keep on climbing up that mountain
Keep truckin along, work up a sweat
Pass every no, after no, after no, till i get a yes
I don’t worry about what i’ve done
I use what I got

If you are a country fan, listen to some of these lyrics. They aren’t all just about your wife leaving, your dog dying, and your truck getting wrecked 🙂

This Sh*t is getting serious

This is for the birds

This is for the birds

So yea. This funk has me down and out, pretty hard. It’s not fun. I’ve got some meds and fluids but Sweet Tap-Dancing Baby Jesus, that sinus swab?! WTF was that all about?? I felt like the PA was digging for my brain. Luckily, I didn’t assault him but whoa…

I’ve been out of work and napping as Beanie allows me. She’s been feeling pretty crappy, as well. We got a consult for the ENT today. It looks like tubes for the Little Lady 😦 I’m scared shitless of my baby going under general anesthesia. I mean, can the poor child catch a break?

And as if I don’t feel old enough already, I got this pic the other day

Feeling OldI wach Friends religiously. I can compare a situation in my real life to a situation that I’ve seen on Friends at least once a day. To know this piece of info — I feel like I’m 45 😦 Oh, AND I’m pretty sure I found a gray hair, or at least that’s what E told me. This is bullshit.

POTD Day #29 – Hairstyle

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

This is a completely normal sight. In fact, E and I will make sure to take our phones with us when she gets up because you never know what’s on the other side of her door 😉

Flu Season is Upon Us

POTD Day #27 – Bedroom

How I spent my sunday

How I spent my sunday

I didn’t get to do a POTD yesterday because I spent the day in bed with some funk. I don’t do bedroom shots because that’s my own personal space and while I do put things out onto the interwebs that I shouldn’t, I stand by this one.

Flu season sucks.

I spent yesterday with a throbbing backacke, fatigue, coughing fits, muscle spasms, and a fever of 100.3*. I’m miserable. I’m at work today to get the minimal done and then I’m going home (unless I can get in to see a doctor, which would be a miracle)

POTD Day #28: Jewelry

My Wedding Set

My Wedding Set

Ascher cut top stone with two baguettes on each side. He done good 😉

The {New} Weight Saga

Total for the week: +0.6lbs

Total for the 90-day Challenge: +0.4lbs

Total for 2013: +0.4lbs

Total miles logged to date: 25.46 miles

I’m up for this week. I think my need for instant gratification got the best of me so I’m back to tracking my cals burned and I upped my caloric intake to kind of match my BMR. I feel like my BMR is a little higher than I like so I cut some off the top. We’ll see. Of course with this flu funk, I might see a loss this week. *Fingers Crossed*

I completed Week One, Days 1, 2, and 3 of Couch to 5K. It was weird to only run for 60 seconds at a time but I’m getting back into the swing of it.

Lenny – My Animal

POTD Day #26 – Animal

He lets her use him as a step-stool

He lets her use him as a step-stool

They share snacks

They share snacks

He naps when she naps

He naps when she naps

Lenny & Beanie – Thick as Thieves.

For all the haters that gave me shit for having a Rottweiler around my baby – Suck It. This dog would go to the ends of the earth for this little girl. She is his baby and we don’t forget that. She wants to lay on the floor, he’s her pillow. She wants to throw her toys, he goes and gets them for her. She wants to get up on the counter, he gives her a boost. I would have chosen no other dog to be around my kid 🙂

Nature in Maine At It’s Finest



Snow on the ground. Snow in the forecast.

It’s the perfect time to bundle up with Beanie and E and watch some movies that we’ve wanted to see 🙂


Candles are a no no

POTD Day #24: Candle

There are no candles in the Coastie Household.

When you have this in the house, you don’t keep an open flame.


But you do have a lot of laughs and some crazy hair!

Instead, we go with these: (and as seen in a previous POTD post)

Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer

Achieves the same action of a candle but no risk of the Small Child setting the house ablaze! And they’re cheaper too, $5 (+ s/h) for 7 squares of scent vs the $3.99 per small candle at other places. I’ll take it.

Cold = Bullcrap!

POTD Day #23: Something You Love

Artic Fog

Arctic Fog

This was taken this morning in Rockland Harbor. When the air is that much colder than the water, fog can be seen rolling across the water top.

I don’t love the cold. I think this cold is bullshit. I think this temperature is inhumane and I don’t care for it one bit. But I love the Ocean/water. I love the beauty of it and the fact that it reminds me that there is something out there that is bigger than you and me. The fact that it is so serene, yet has the power to be so incredibly deadly.

"Feels like -16*"

“Feels like -16*”

I do not love this.

So there was a mishap in the Coastie house recently. Don’t worry, no one was harmed, physically. Except the Iced Tea Maker Jug.

RIP Iced Tea Jug

RIP Iced Tea Jug

This is what happens when I’m in a hurry to clean my kitchen and I put everything into the dishwasher. Apparently this jug is not “bottom rack of dishwasher safe”. E tried to “reform the plastic” which turned it into this catastrophe. I’m not even sure what the hell he did.

The {New} Weight Saga – Week 3

Total for the week: -0.4lbs

Total for the 90-day Challenge: -0.2lbs

Total for 2013: -0.2lbs

Total miles logged to date: 9.10 miles

Well, it’s safe to say that this week sucked donkey balls. Being a girl sucks. Gained 2 lbs thanks to that special time of the month and the fact that I stuffed my face with anything that was salty. I’m back in the gym and I weighed myself yesterdayand logged it. It showed a 1.2lb loss so I’m still in the loss category but still. It sucks.

I took a sneak peak at the scale this morning and I’m down another lb so hopefully I’ll have a geniune loss this week.

SIL and I decided to start back to Couch To 5K. Since we’re treadmilling it, we’re going to work on speeding up but not being sprinters. My goal for this year is to run a 5K. I’m to the point of running for almost 30 mins straight but I need to work on speed so I’m hoping by starting over, I can work on running faster. It’ll be weird to revert back to running for 60 secs at a time but since I’ve never finished the program, I’m going from start to finish this time.

I’ve decided that while I continue to log my workouts with MFP, I’m not counting the calories being burned. My problem is, when I see that number still in the green, I eat. I know some say it’s ok to eat your burned calories but then I don’t stop there. So I’ve started counting them just as 1 cal burned. Hopefully this shows a positive on the weight loss end. And as soon as I find out about my taxes, I’m getting a FitBit Zip. I can’t wait!

POTD Day #22 – Time


I get up ridiculously early for work. Actually no. It’s not ridiculously early considering I don’t really sleep. I was already out of the shower and getting dressed when I remembered to take this snapshot of my phone. I thank my lucky stars that my kid sleeps through the night, and has for a very long time, because I think I would lose my mind.


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