March in the Rear View

Holy Crapola — Where did March go??

We went to MD to celebrate one of the nephew’s birthday but mainly we went to see E’s grandmother, who isn’t doing fantastically.


How much older can she look? Where did my baby go?!

The trip was nice but it’s nice to be back “home” in ME. It was exhausting. Beanie’s first plane ride – she did amazing! We were lucky enough to get an open flight on Southwest Airlines and when we got to the desk, the attendants told us there were open seats so we could take her car seat on the plane with us and put her in it. PTL! We ran into some “groaners”. You know those people, the ones that groan as soon as they realize there is a kid on their flight. Funny enough, she slept before we even took off! We were even praised as people got off the plane, telling us that they were grateful for a peaceful flight with a toddler. The flight home was awesome, as well. A few blips (2 hour delay, no nap, her getting sick while we were flying) but all in all, it was a great trip.


She also found a new hobby. We were cooking dinner one night and I turned around, in a panic and realized she wasn’t around us. I yelled for her and I heard nothing. After a brief moment of “HOLY SHIT, I LOST THE SMALL CHLD IN THE HOUSE”, we heard a little snicker.

And then this:

I got a new HRM and began outdoor running again. Things have actually been going really well in the WLJ department. 3.5 miles this past wednesday and I’m getting ready to sign up for my first ever (YIKES!) 5K. I’m excited but nervous. I did 3.5 miles in 42 mins and walked less than a 1/4 of a mile so I’m hoping to pick up my speed and cut out the walk. I guess the treadmill has helped! I’m also down an entire pants size and 6 lbs. I’m still a ways away from my goal but I’m meeting my mini-goals and that makes me happy 🙂

E and I celebrated our 2 yr anniversary.

AnniversaryTwo years ago, we went to the church with 20 of our peeps (all family) and me being 14w knocked up and we said “I DO”. It was awesome for us. It’s been a crazy two years but there is no one else I’d rather be by my side on this crazy journey of a life!

My iPhone kicked my ass.


Smart Phone. Dumb User.

At least I made J smile.


We welcomed the arrival of Spring. With a foot of snow. WHOMP WHOMP.

Bounce houseAnd we still had to play indoors. But seriously, how awesome are we? What other parents do you know that own a bounce house for their child, let alone put it in the basement for them to play in because it’s just too freakin cold outside?!

We rock!

The verdict came down: Beanie needed tubes for her ears. 5 EIs in 9 months were enough to convince the Ped and the ENT.

Loving the hospital jammies

Loving the hospital jammies

We have a trooper, y’all. She was a true champ during this procedure. She didn’t cry, she didn’t whine, she was truly awesomesauce!! She allowed the nurses to come in and wrap her up in the blanket and they walked away with her. E and I took it a lot better than we expected, as well. MIL came into town and PTL, she was awesome with us during this time. She helped with Beanie and just allowed us to chill, which we needed desperately.

It also helped that Beanie was acting like nothing ever happened. As seen here in Daddy's sweatshirt

It also helped that Beanie was acting like nothing ever happened. As seen here in Daddy’s sweatshirt


MathMath is still kicking my ass but I’m maintaining a C average. I’m hoping to rock some tests to bring it to a solid B so I can definitely pass the class. It’s tough though. 13 yrs out of HS and trying to do this type of nonsense – it’s bullcrap.

All in all, things have been going well. I’ve had a bit of blogwriter’s block. Nothing major going on, things being incredibly busy, and us being utterly exhausted. I’ve managed to maintain my work outs, which is nice. Hopefully I can pick this back up. It’s not that I write to impress anyone, it’s more of an outlet and a catch up for family and friends who might have the address and want to see what’s up with us, now that we’ve moved.

My mom and sibling come to visit next weekend so I’m super excited!!

Hello March

The SIL is doing one of those POTD things on Instagram again and this one looked interesting so, once again, I’m copying catting her and doing it too.

Bring On March!

Bring On March!

Day 1: UpMy heart rate after a morning work out

Day 1: Up
My heart rate after a morning work out

We did a Deck of Death work out this morning, as a unit, and I tell you what — that’ll get your HR up and fast! Scale hasn’t budged but I’m on C25K W5D3 and still going strong. Here’s hoping for a breakthrough!

Next week is one of our nephew’s birthday’s so we decided to go to MD. In an effort to save money, we found a dog sitter and we’re flying. Problem is — this is our first plane ride as a family. I’m a trained professional. I used to live on planes when I was at my last unit. I’d hop all over the country and to Hawaii without a problem. Beanie — Never flown before. What the hell have I committed myself to?

None the less —

Flight has been booked!

Flight has been booked!

I can drink, right?

What do you do when you’re snowed in?

What do you do when the outside looks like this?

Snow Shacks

We brought this upstairs because we want her to just leave us the f**k alone keep herself occupied and have a blast


But then this happened


And after hitting it three times, kicking it once, and throwing her cell phone at it, we realized she may have also inherited my anger management issues, in addition to my road rage.

Please let us see spring soon!

Crafty Snow Weekend

Oh look! {More} SNOW!

Oh look! {More} SNOW!

Yep. More snow. Again. For the third weekend in a row.

Yes I’m tired of snow. I’m tired of not being able to take Beanie outside (she loathes the snow). I’m tired of looking at this! Although it is a tad pretty. Kinda.

Beanie's wishing for Spring

Beanie’s wishing for Spring

I decided to finally get around to making the wreath that was supposed to be my mama’s christmas gift but I didn’t have the time to finish it. So I got crafty on this snowy weekend.

What you’ll need:

6 different color fabric squares (Jo-Ann’s sells fabric squares in separate, handy squares and sometimes they’ll have the packs of complimentary colors)

pinking shears

foam circle

hot glue and matching gun

knitting needle or crochet hook (I use a crochet hook)

Ravens colors, of course

Ravens colors, of course

Cut the fabric into 2X2 squares. You can rough estimate it, I do.

Craft 2

Put the rough side of the fabric over the end of the crochet hook and put a drop of hot glue on the end of the fabric

Craft 3Shove it into the foam ring. Only puncture the ring enough to set the fabric into it, do not just glue the fabric to the ring! Place each fabric square close to one another

Enjoy a nice cup of tea while you work ☺

Enjoy a nice cup of tea while you work ☺

You want to make sure the fabric is on the inside, as well, but you don’t have to go nuts with the inner portion. There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern, just pick and choose as you go.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

It’s simple, it’s nice, and you can make them for every season.

Weekend of Funk

The Plague has hit the Coastie House full force and it’s miserable. So far I’ve stuck to my No-Facebook Lent Resolution very well. I don’t even really miss it anymore. Some say I’m cheating because I’m still posting pics through Instagram but I don’t care. I’m not physically logging onto FB. The No-Fast-Food resolution is going well, also, but I’ll be breaking that when we drive to MD next month. I’m already trying to figure out where we can stop so I can get a non-fried, somewhat healthy for fast food item. Ugh.

She decided to dress herself for V-Day

She decided to dress herself for V-Day

It’s been averaging 24* outside so my runs have been indoors. Beanie gets it — she’s ready to get back outside too

I think she was sending me a subliminal message

I think she was sending me a subliminal message

This kid has the life

This kid has the life


This poor kid — she woke up Friday with a temp of 100.3* so she had to stay home from DC. We spent the day together and in all of her “I just want to do my own thing” ness, she got ahold of a box of tissues. This got really messy, really quickly.

Up at 0645 for a swim (indoors, of course)

Up at 0645 for a swim (indoors, of course)

She stole my blanket

She stole my blanket

First comes the bags, next comes the boas

First comes the bags, next comes the boas

E, thankfully, is a really good sport. She must have put that bag on his head and taken it back off at least 4 times. All I can say is 1) better him than me and 2) thank goodness it wasn’t plastic.

Swiffers can be fun

Swiffers can be fun

She wanted to help us clean. But….

I think she missed the point

I think she missed the point

In her feverish, sometimes-inconsolableness, we figured out she just wanted to lay around and chill with her BFF



New Gadget!

New Gadget!

I finally got my FitBit Zip. I haven’t had this an entire day yet but I’m stoked to see how it compares to my MFP. Plus, I’m liking the fact that I have a goal to meet re: steps taken. My goal is 10,000 steps. Hopefully this will get me to goal! I’m starting Week 4 of Couch-to-5K today so I’m sure that will net me some steps!

Photo Dump

Yesterday was fun.

We ended up getting a signal from an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) so the Station Folk took off. Didn’t affect me much until they figured it was coming from land.

*Scratching my head*

How the hell can you sink on land?

So me and one of the peeps from the Station took off and we got to go door to door, asking if they knew of anyone that was repairing their life rafts. Finally, it was found and we go to go back and eat lunch. But while we were out, I got to see some of Owl’s Head Harbor. I’ve been talking to E and I keep saying how I want to get out and take more pictures so this worked out perfectly!

Owl's Head Harbor

Owl’s Head Harbor

Owls Head Shore

Owls Head Shore

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

Pulled for the Winter

Pulled for the Winter

Friends that hitched a ride

Friends that hitched a ride



No more FB App

No more FB App


Not that I need to have it with me 24/7 but this reduces temptation. (Let’s face it. I’m far too lazy to actually go through the internet to get onto FB LOL) It felt weird this morning because it deviated from my normal routine but I think I feel better without having read nonsense drama that made me roll my eyes. Of course now I’m getting more IG requests but I don’t mind 🙂

This snow — I’m kind of over it. The city has taken to dumping the excess (read: WAY TOO MUCH) into the water because we literally have no where to put it.

Apparently I’m not the only one that is over it. After getting out of the car, she made a beeline for her Cozy Coupe and started scooting around the basement, waving as she scooted.

Beanie's had enough. She's peacing out.

Beanie’s had enough. She’s peacing out.

The {New} Weight Saga – Week 6

Total for the week: 0 lbs

Total for the 90-day Challenge: -3.3 lbs

Total for 2013: -3.3 lbs

Total miles logged to date: 32.2 miles

I’m plugging along with C25K and I have to say, I thought I was in for a gain this week. Last week’s big loss was purely due to the plague that I contracted from my asshole awesome coworkers and husband but this week, I was actually able to maintain that loss.

I’ll take it and be happy 🙂

In other news –We got SNOWED IN!

Thursday, we kept getting all these notifications of a winter storm warning. Now, living in Maine is a whole lot different than living in Maryland. Living in Maryland, people hear “SNOW” and immediately the grocery stores, Wal-Marts, Targets, and any gas station become completely void of all milk, toilet paper, and bread. People in Maine hear “SNOW” and they think “hmph, just another day in Maine.” Seriously. It snowed about 3.5′ yesterday and Friday and E still was able to go out and find a store that was not only open but had bread and milk (and Chex mix but that was a nice treat).

Friday was a volunteer day through work. Every year, the town of Camden holds the U.S. National Toboggan Championships.

I know, I didn’t know there was such a thing either.

E and I went to help out and got to go down the Toboggan chute.

I was ready and protected from the elements

I was ready and protected from the elements

Doc on the left, Me on the right, observing (aka doing nothing)

Doc on the left, Me on the right, observing (aka doing nothing)

E came to play with us

E came to play with us


Frozen Pond Angel

Frozen Pond Angel

We aren't quite sure how this happened and how the garage door didn't close all the way but this is what we found when we initially went out to snow blow

We aren’t quite sure how this happened and how the garage door didn’t close all the way but this is what we found when we initially went out to snow blow




The snow has finally stopped

The snow has finally stopped



We're asking for Florida for my next tour

We’re asking for Florida for my next tour

Of course, Beanie seems to think otherwise —

Beanie thinks it should be beach weather. I tend to agree with her

Beanie thinks it should be beach weather. I tend to agree with her


Ravens Football!

Ravens 1

What a hell of a way to retire, Way To Go, Ray!

Ravens 2


Action Shot - On the Move

Action Shot – On the Move

Ravens 3

I saw this meme floating around and I literally laughed out loud

Ravens 5

You know someone was going to come up with something…

Day 30 of 30

I can’t believe January is over. How fast did this month fly by??

I’m finally back and work after 3 of the longest days of my life. Feeling like I was run over by a mack truck.

I got to spend some time with this sweet, little lady

I got to spend some time with this sweet, little lady

But we’ve learned something else about her. Something that might not work in our favor, down the road.

She started off wearing those pants when we put her to bed. And she wasn't nearly as pissed off.

She started off wearing those pants when we put her to bed. And she wasn’t nearly as pissed off.

So we’re raising a potential nudist. With a horrific attitude, apparently. I thought I had some time before that attitude came out. But that face. DAYUM!

POTD Day #30 – Me, Again.

Feeling better than I was, that's for darn sure

Feeling better than I was, that’s for darn sure

Thanks for playing along and reading!!

This Sh*t is getting serious

This is for the birds

This is for the birds

So yea. This funk has me down and out, pretty hard. It’s not fun. I’ve got some meds and fluids but Sweet Tap-Dancing Baby Jesus, that sinus swab?! WTF was that all about?? I felt like the PA was digging for my brain. Luckily, I didn’t assault him but whoa…

I’ve been out of work and napping as Beanie allows me. She’s been feeling pretty crappy, as well. We got a consult for the ENT today. It looks like tubes for the Little Lady 😦 I’m scared shitless of my baby going under general anesthesia. I mean, can the poor child catch a break?

And as if I don’t feel old enough already, I got this pic the other day

Feeling OldI wach Friends religiously. I can compare a situation in my real life to a situation that I’ve seen on Friends at least once a day. To know this piece of info — I feel like I’m 45 😦 Oh, AND I’m pretty sure I found a gray hair, or at least that’s what E told me. This is bullshit.

POTD Day #29 – Hairstyle

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

Seriously. How hard does this chick party?

This is a completely normal sight. In fact, E and I will make sure to take our phones with us when she gets up because you never know what’s on the other side of her door 😉


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