Mother’s Day 5K

Last mother’s day I ran my very first 5K. It was the Mariner’s Mother’s Day 5K that benefitted the local high school’s booster club. I started the Couch to 5K journey in Feb of 2013 and I decided the Mother’s Day 5K would be my goal.

Mother's Day 5K 2013

Mother’s Day 5K 2013

I ran my ass off. I made it halfway before having to walk up this massive hill, which was discouraging but I made it. I finished in under 40 mins which was my goal but it was one of those “if I can’t do it in under 40 mins, maybe I shouldn’t be doing it at all” which are a little more discouraging but I finished. From here, the running bug had bit me.

This past Mother’s Day, I made it a point to run again because it marked a year since starting my running journey. this year when a lot better than last year 🙂

Mother's Day 5K 2014

Mother’s Day 5K 2014

Mother's Day 5K_2

The organizers rerouted the course to avoid the massive hill from last year, except they had the walkers start ahead of the runners. Now, I’m not positive why this happened but it didn’t work out fantastically because the runners caught up with the walkers and, in addition to being corraled through  a muddy alley way behind the school, we were dodging and weaving.

I was able to run a good distance but I’ve been battling this knee/back/butt muscle issue that causes my leg to throb. That slowed me down a bit and I actually had to walk for a 1/10th of a mile. I still managed to PR though, which made me insanely excited. Official records had me as 34:04. I’ll take it!

This year, I was lucky enough to run with some awesome ladies.

Me and C Mother's Day 5K <– C has been motivating me to get my rear end moving and to continue running.

There were also some ladies from my station, as well as the wife of one of the guys that decided to run   –>




And of course, it wouldn’t be me without something happening to make me laugh:

Go Figure!

Go Figure!

I knew I tanned easily but this was literally 30 mins in the sun and now I have a reminder of my knee brace. Fantastc.

Next up — the big move to Maryland and the Baltimore Women’s Classic

NaBloPoMo – I Lost

So I kind of fell out of the whole “read a blog post every single day for the entire month of Nov”. It’s not for lack of trying, it’s just that life has gotten busier and I’ve been having a bit of writers block.

The holiday season is upon us. The parentals and the ILs will be ascending to our home on wednesday and the holiday festivities will begin.

Friday marked the official start.

Start of the Lobster Trap Tree

Start of the Lobster Trap Tree

Tree topper is in place

Tree topper is in place

The lighting will take place on Friday, after thanksgiving. That’s also when the CG brings Santa to do, via boat, and we have the boat parade of lights. It’s a shame we won’t make it home for Christmas, again this year, but last year, it was sort of nice to be able to have the holiday with just our little family.

Here’s hoping I remember to keep posting something 🙂

The {New} Weight Saga – Week 6

Total for the week: 0 lbs

Total for the 90-day Challenge: -3.3 lbs

Total for 2013: -3.3 lbs

Total miles logged to date: 32.2 miles

I’m plugging along with C25K and I have to say, I thought I was in for a gain this week. Last week’s big loss was purely due to the plague that I contracted from my asshole awesome coworkers and husband but this week, I was actually able to maintain that loss.

I’ll take it and be happy 🙂

In other news –We got SNOWED IN!

Thursday, we kept getting all these notifications of a winter storm warning. Now, living in Maine is a whole lot different than living in Maryland. Living in Maryland, people hear “SNOW” and immediately the grocery stores, Wal-Marts, Targets, and any gas station become completely void of all milk, toilet paper, and bread. People in Maine hear “SNOW” and they think “hmph, just another day in Maine.” Seriously. It snowed about 3.5′ yesterday and Friday and E still was able to go out and find a store that was not only open but had bread and milk (and Chex mix but that was a nice treat).

Friday was a volunteer day through work. Every year, the town of Camden holds the U.S. National Toboggan Championships.

I know, I didn’t know there was such a thing either.

E and I went to help out and got to go down the Toboggan chute.

I was ready and protected from the elements

I was ready and protected from the elements

Doc on the left, Me on the right, observing (aka doing nothing)

Doc on the left, Me on the right, observing (aka doing nothing)

E came to play with us

E came to play with us


Frozen Pond Angel

Frozen Pond Angel

We aren't quite sure how this happened and how the garage door didn't close all the way but this is what we found when we initially went out to snow blow

We aren’t quite sure how this happened and how the garage door didn’t close all the way but this is what we found when we initially went out to snow blow




The snow has finally stopped

The snow has finally stopped



We're asking for Florida for my next tour

We’re asking for Florida for my next tour

Of course, Beanie seems to think otherwise —

Beanie thinks it should be beach weather. I tend to agree with her

Beanie thinks it should be beach weather. I tend to agree with her


Cold = Bullcrap!

POTD Day #23: Something You Love

Artic Fog

Arctic Fog

This was taken this morning in Rockland Harbor. When the air is that much colder than the water, fog can be seen rolling across the water top.

I don’t love the cold. I think this cold is bullshit. I think this temperature is inhumane and I don’t care for it one bit. But I love the Ocean/water. I love the beauty of it and the fact that it reminds me that there is something out there that is bigger than you and me. The fact that it is so serene, yet has the power to be so incredibly deadly.

"Feels like -16*"

“Feels like -16*”

I do not love this.

So there was a mishap in the Coastie house recently. Don’t worry, no one was harmed, physically. Except the Iced Tea Maker Jug.

RIP Iced Tea Jug

RIP Iced Tea Jug

This is what happens when I’m in a hurry to clean my kitchen and I put everything into the dishwasher. Apparently this jug is not “bottom rack of dishwasher safe”. E tried to “reform the plastic” which turned it into this catastrophe. I’m not even sure what the hell he did.


POTD Day #18: Peace

POTD peace 1

POTD peace 2

POTD peace 3

POTD peace 4

There’s something about the snow up here that is peaceful and tranquil. The whole town goes quiet and you just see the snow falling. It’s pretty awesome.

Until it comes time to shovel.

My New Favorite Thing!

We currently live 44 miles from the nearest big city (Augusta). For us to go “into town”, we have to drive for upwards of 45 mins and even that, that only gets us Target, some craft stores, a couple of sporting goods stores, and restaurants. All of which is fine and dandy but not so convenient.

I finally found an upside to living in an uber small town.


This is 17 lbs of meat/poultry/pork. All for $56.99. (2 lbs ground beef, 2 lbs chuck stew meat, 2 lbs London Broil, 2 lbs Top round, 2 lbs center cut pork chops, 2 lbs ham steaks, 2 lbs of bacon, 3 lbs of boneless chicken breasts)

Meat/poultry/pork up here is wicked expensive. I’m talking $9 for a lb of steak and that’s a generic cut. E found out about this little country store and when he looked into it, he found they have meat packages. For a selection of 8 different items, it was a very decent price so we went for it. I’m hoping this is my answer to the grocery shopping budget.

Thank heavens for the deep freezer we got before we moved!

POTD Day #16: Night time

Preparing for the Snow

Preparing for the Snow

That’s right, we’re getting more snow. Again. We’re already up to about an inch and are slated to get an estimated 3″ more.


Let there be “Light”

POTD Day #11: Light

POTD light

I think this is an interpretation all your own. I’m not sure what they mean by “light” but I like the way the light is coming through the trees (what’s left of them).

The {New} Weight Saga – Week 1

Total for the week: -0.6lb

Total for the 90-day Challenge: -0.6

Total for 2013: -0.6

Total miles logged to date: 7.12

So I didn’t hit the gym as hard as I wanted to this week but I did manage make some time for a “brisk walk” on the treadmill, which is conveniently in my living room. I got wrapped up in watching Reba. I used to watch her on Netflix but they are stupid and took her off so now I’m left with watching her on CMT. It makes the time go by.

I’m in the process of trying to retrain my mind. I log my cals on MFP and I automatically think “YES! I can eat more!” No. That’s bad. It’s ok to eat some but I was eating ALL of my burned cals and that was making me not lose as much as I think I could have. So I’m still exercising, just not logging that in MFP and I’m working on eating only when hungry. I’m a “I’m bored so I’ll eat” person and I need to break that.

But a loss is a loss so I’ll take it!

POTD: Day #4: Weather


Damn the Mayans. THIS has to be the end of the world.

Damn the Mayans. THIS has to be the end of the world.


"We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave"

“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave”


This is pretty

This is pretty


This is not

This is not



The Weight Saga – Week 10

Total for this week: -0.8

Total Overall: -12.4 lbs

It’s been wicked cold up here. (Think 19* at 0630 when I’m leaving to take Beanie to day care). The riverbed is frozen over, there are chunks of ice in the water, and the frost is making the grass super crunchy. And this isn’t even the start of the “real” winter, as I keep hearing about.

This morning was no different, except I got outside to run. Shockingly enough, it wasn’t awful. I’m still feeling the cold radiating from my body and I’ve got my heater next to me but I ran and I did well.



1207 Run

Flying Santa

Every year the Coast Guard hosts Flying Santa. It’s where Santa flies in on a helo and delivers gifts to the kids of the Coast Guard community.


And in true Rockland, Maine fashion: Santa arrives in muck boots. But Santa, please take note: Beanie doesn’t need anymore toys. She’s already doing it wrong.

Toy Box


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